Nicola Parkinson would like to welcome you to the Westbury Osteopathic & Sports Injury Clinic

Established in 2006 we offer all types of injury treatment and prevention.

Since opening the clinic has seen a steady stream of patients enter its doors with injuries ranging from babies and children’s problems through to sports injuries and rehabilitation to helping keep the elderly fit and able.

Situated in Manor Farm, North Bradley, there is free parking outside the clinic.

The clinic is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9am-6pm and Thursday 3pm -9pm and Tuesday 9am-1pm and occasional Saturday mornings.

For enquiries please Tel: Nikki on 07973953634.

The appointments are 45 minutes with Nicola who is a fully qualified registered Osteopath.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a non-invasive treatment for all ages and can help to sort most kinds of problems. We treat muscles, joints, ligaments and tendon problems helping to diagnose and resolve most issues.

Our diagnostic techniques cover a very wide based medical knowledge in which we can treat but also have an extensive knowledge of what may need further investigation and our referral procedure is also based on an extensive medical background.

Osteopathy was founded by Andrew Taylor Still in 1872 and has been an evolving therapy ever since. 

Research into treatment effectiveness is continual within osteopathy so we can offer a fully tailored treatment to suit our patient needs.

 You will be assessed by the therapist on a number of areas to work out your reason of pain and injury.  Treatment is given in the form of massage and gentle manipulation and I will help you to manage and understand your injury and what to expect following treatment and also in any follow-up treatments that may be necessary.


Back pain is the most common reason for absence at work out of all the types of musculoskeletal problems that can occur in the body. At some point of your life, it is likely that you will suffer from a type of back pain and need some sort of medical advice.

Most conditions are easily treatable and after an average of 3 treatment s you will feel improved and back on the road to recovery and fully educated about your reason for suffering back pain.

Common conditions such as sciatica can have several different causes and a full explanation of your back condition is an important step by your osteopath so you can understand how fast your recovery rate should be and how to help us get you better.

Disc bulges are another common problem of spinal injuries and you may be sent for an MRI scan or X-ray so we can assess the extent of the damage and if you need further help from your doctor… we often work in close contact with doctors to help manage pain.

Arthritis of the spine is another common complaint and this takes several forms of management from manual therapy to hot and cold to pain killers and exercise referral.

Specific areas we treat include:

westbury osteopath head

Neck Pain

Common conditions we treat include repetitive strain, headaches, eye strain, arthritic conditions of the spine, whiplash associated disorders, muscular sprains and trapped nerves, disc problems and ligament strains.

westbury osteopath shoulder

Shoulder Pain

Common conditions we treat include tendonitis, ligament sprains, capsular disorders, repetitive strain, muscular sprains, rotator cuff injuries and arthritic conditions, trapped nerves and referral pain from other related areas, post-operative treatment and impingement syndromes.

westbury osteopath shoulder

Wrist & Elbow Pain

Common conditions we treat include tennis and golfers’ elbow, repetitive strain, ligament sprains, muscular strains, arthritic conditions, impingement syndromes, trapped nerves and post-operative treatment.

westbury osteopath spine

Back Pain

Common conditions we treat include trapped sciatic nerve, disc injuries, ligament sprains, muscular strains, joint related pain, sacroiliac pain, referral pain and trapped nerves, scoliosis, arthritic conditions, repetitive strain, lifting strains, post-operative treatment.

westbury osteopath knee

Knee Pain

Common conditions we treat include muscle and ligament sprains and strains, alignment problems, bursitis, patella pain, arthritic conditions, jumpers’ knee, runners’ knee, post-operative treatment.

westbury osteopath hips

Hip Pain

Common conditions we treat include arthritic pain, capsular pain, muscle imbalances, repetitive strain, sacroiliac pain, trapped nerves, referral pain, trauma related injuries, post-operative treatment.

westbury osteopath ankle foot

Foot and Ankle Pain

Repetitive strain injuries such as plantar fasciitis, trapped nerves, arthritic-related pain, arch problems, Achilles tendonitis, posterior compartment syndrome, post-operative treatment, to name just a few conditions.

westbury osteopath ankle foot

Muscular and ligament Strains

Along with joint problems osteopathy can also help in the rehabilitation and treatment of muscle and ligament problems from mild strains and sprains to severe problems and post-operative treatment.

westbury osteopath ankle foot

Children and Babies

Children and babies also often need treatment from a difficult birth leading to torsion strains and upwards to falls and injuries whilst playing, and growth pain, scoliosis and repetitive strains, enquire with us to ask advice.

nikki westbury osteopath

About me

I trained in Osteopathy back in 2001 at Oxford Brookes and had a wide range of interesting tutors to learn from.

I already had a sports Injury background and ran a sports injury clinic from 1996 and have been developing my skills ever since.

The body is very interesting to study especially from an injury and rehab point of view. I also specialise in neurodevelopmental therapy (INPP, Brain Gym & RMTi) which is enhancing brain development in people and children with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, mild autism, aspergers, and other disorders, via exercises.

I also help children with anxiety and other negative emotions who are struggling to cope in today’s hectic lifestyle using techniques such as meditation and CBT.

I try to get to know the other therapists in the area with specialties also, so if I cannot help you, I can refer to someone who can. I am able to refer patients for private MRI scans and x-rays should the need arise also.

If you have any questions please get in touch via email or telephone. I look forward to meeting you.